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Just for the Record #61: Bluestaeb

Just for the Record #61: Bluestaeb


Aus Berlin stammt gefühlt nicht nur ein Drittel der deutschsprachigen Rapperzunft, die deutsche Hauptstadt fungiert mindestens genauso als überdimensionaler Brutkasten für Produzenten – wie auch im Falle des 25-jährigen Leon Giseke, besser bekannt als Bluestaeb. Musikalisch ordnet sich der Gute im Dunstkreis zwischen der Avantgarde von heute und den Größen der vergangenen Jahrzehnte ein, wobei seine Beats da auch de facto mithalten können – anders als bei so manchen, die die Soundästhetik von Pete Rock über J Dilla bis hin zu Kaytranada als Einflüsse nennen. Im vorigen Jahr veröffentlichte Bluestaeb mit „Rodalquilar“ sein zweites Album, welches ihm endgültig zu Bekanntheit außerhalb des Berliner S-Bahn-Rings verhalf. Anlässlich seines Gigs im Celeste in Wien am kommenden Samstag hat sich Bluestaeb die Zeit genommen, uns in gewohnter Just-For-The-Record-Manier einen kleinen Einblick in seine Soundästhetik zu geben.

Just for the Record mit Bluestaeb

Basic equipment:
I am usually recording at a lot of different places and studios in Berlin and Paris, that makes it difficult to really name a basic equipment. Ableton Live, Midi-Keyboard are probably the basics. Depending on where I am and with who I am in the studio I got analogue synths (Korg&Moog) + Electric Pianos etc.

Favourite artists:
Right now those are probably my favorite artists. It keeps changing though:
Anderson .Paak
The Internet
JuJu Rogers
Ivan Ave
Jay Prince
Anderson .Paak is definitely one of the best right now. Oddisee’s live shows are the best hip hop concerts I have ever been to.

Alltime favourites:
Too many to make a list. A lot of my favorite artists and favorite producers would also be on this list.

Favourite producers:
J Dilla
Quincy Jones
S. Fidelity
Figur Brazlevic
etc. etc.

Favourite cover art:
Again very difficult to name one single cover art as my favorite. A few covers that come to my mind now are:
Curtis Mayfield – Curtis
Oddisee – The Good Fight
Electric Wire Hustle

Curtis-Mayfield-Curtis-1970 oddisee-the-good-fight

electri wire
I have to admit that my last album „Rodalquilar“ has one of my favorite covers since the whole album is so personal and the final artwork represents pretty much exactly my taste.


First sample:
I don’t really remember the first sample I ever used. But I am sure it was probably some 70’s soul record that I bought when I first learned about what sampling really is. I didn’t have a turntable back than so I went to the store & bought CDs of famous soul bands and soul music compilations to start with. I used fruity loops and an Akai Mpd when I first started making beats.

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Foto: Lara Heußner

Favourite record store:
None unfortunately. A lot of record stores in Berlin and Paris have kind of arrogant owners, at least I got that feeling, and you get the impression that they don’t even want you to touch or buy THEIR records.   Haha of course there are some cool stores as well but I don’t really have a favorite.

Favorite Beat:
JuJu Rogers – Hungry
& Rodalquilar
But the problem is always that the stuff that is officially released is already old by the time people hear it. A lot of my favorite beats are still on my computer & will be on my next projects.

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