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Just For The Record #57: Elaquent

Just For The Record #57: Elaquent

Elaquent by Niko Havranek

Der Produzent Elaquent wurde unter den Fans der Independent-Beat-Szene durch Tracks wie „The Love“ oder „Parallel“ von einem Geheimtipp zu einer festen Instanz. Mittlerweile stößt der Kanadier mit seinen fluiden, Breakbeat-lastigen Instrumental-Alben auf so viele offene Ohren, dass er seinen großen Traum, in Tokio zu spielen, verwirklichen kann.

Just For The Record mit Elaquent:

Top 5 Albums/Songs (now):
Ivan Ave – Helping Hands
Blu & Exile – Below the Heavens
Common – Like Water for Chocolate
Pete Rock – PeteStrumentals
Michael Jackson – Thriller

All time classics (albums):
Wu-Tang – Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Nas –Illmatic
Common – Like Water for Chocolate

Favorite producers:
DJ Premier
Erick Sermon
J Dilla
Pete Rock

Favorite DJs:
DJ Premier – I’m a big fan since I saw him in concert when I was 16/17 years old. It was the best single man show I ever been to my life. Great sound, great DJ, great producer.

Favorite musicians:
Honestly, I don’t know if I have like a favorite classical musician, so to speak. I mostly just follow producers and other singers. I love Miles Davis, maybe because I used to sample a lot of his music.

Favorite verse in a song:
That’s one of those questions, if you ask me tomorrow or 15 minutes from now I might give you a different answer, but listening to J Dilla’s „Raise It Up“ changed my life.

Favorite verse over a beat from you:
My elder brother called Es and he rapped over a lot of my early beats that nobody ever heard before. So definitely one of those, because he might have been the first guy who rapped over one of my beats.

First bought vinyl:
I don’t know. I just remember going to the record store and buy a bunch of random records which I wanted to sample.

Favorite (vinyl) cover:
Normally, I would say the weirder the cover the better it is, but that might be too hard to answer.

My first sample:
Billy Paul – Me And Mrs. Jones

Favorite vinyl store:
I don’t honestly have one, nowadays it’s mostly online. Or in a bigger city when I’m just walking by and there is a record store then I go in. But I’m a big fan of shopping through and

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Favorite beat:
Common – Nag Champa
Nas – The World Is Yours

Favorite beat (from yourself):
I have a song called „The Love“ that I putted on a tape called „After Midnight“ 7 years ago. I don’t really think that much about it but everyone really liked it so I guess I’m proud of it.

I produce with:
FL Studio

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