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Just For The Record #49: MNDSGN

Just For The Record #49: MNDSGN

MINDSGN by Daniel Shaked

Alles begann mit Illustrationen, dann kam das B-boying. An den HipHop herangeführt wurde Ringgo Ancheta, besser bekannt als MNDSGN  wie es so oft der Fall ist  von seinem großen Bruder. Seine „Moves – gesehen bei seinem zweiten Besuch im Wiener Cafe Leopold mit Ivan Ave, sitzen noch immer. Die Entwicklung seit seinem letzten Auftritt ist beindruckend. Auf seinen smoothen Produktionen erobert MNDSGN langsam das Feld des Singer und Songwriters.

Just For The Record mit MNDSGN

Basic equipment:
Ableton Live; Roland SP 555; Roland Juni-Di, Yamaha DX 5

Favourite artists:
Benny Sings; „I can relate to the vibrations he puts out. He is doing his thing for about a decade and his catalogue is really impressing – singer, songwriter, producer and beat-maker.“
Connan Mockasin; „His music and song writing is really imaginative, it takes you to a different place.“
Anderson .Paak
Iman Omari

Alltime favourites:
J Dilla; „He is always going to have some influence on what I am making. Even it not gonna sound like it, his essence still inspires what I do.“
Leon Sylvers III (producer); for S.O.L.A.R. Records (Sound of Los Angeles Records)

Favourite producers:
Dj Harrison; „Multi-instrumentalist, producer – he can play pretty much everything and also might sample some stuff.“
Swarvy; „Another guy who plays all the instruments and samples.“

Favourite cover art/artist:
Mati Klarwein
„He is most famous for Miles Davis‘ „Bitches Brew“, all his other stuff is so surreal. I would love to put records out that have that type of surrealist art.“
„Drawing and illustrating was actually my first love, the first thing I discovered. I can still doodle but I am just making music these days. Shoutouts to my older brother. He kind of got me into everything before I did it.“


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First sample:
„This is some rare information. I don’t know the title but it was either an old Jet Li or Jackie Chan movie. Some asian-sounding stuff. I sampled it with the computer PC recorder. I didn’t know about Line-In, so I just held the microphone up to the TV and just looped it that way. Then I got a Fruity Loops demo.“

Favourite record store:
Poo-Bah Record Shop
„Ras G works there part time. Whenever he knows a homie has just released something he would do something called Beat Soup. It’s usually on a friday. The artist comes and we do a indoor performance. People come through, it is good for the business. People are digging while listening. You can always find the stuff from the community out there, not only beats, all the local LA music. You can also dig for dollar bin records – dope ass record store.“

Favoutite verse on a HipHop track:
Big L – Ebonics

„Rapping might come later when my life gets a little darker. I freestyle sometimes – it might come naturally. Right now singing is at the forefront. I am not trying to become like a great singer, I just want to find my range and play around with it.”