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Just For The Record #65: 20syl

Just For The Record #65: 20syl

20syl (c)M.Nachtschatt-9297
20syl (c)M.Nachtschatt-9297
20syl vor dem Konzert im MAK // alle Fotos von Moritz Nachtschatt

Sylvain Richard aka 20syl macht schon lange Musik – nicht nur als Produzent, sondern auch als Rapper und DJ: Begonnen hat er seine Karriere 1998 mit dem Jazz/HipHop-Kollektiv Hocus Pocus. Kurze Zeit später wurde er Teil des DJ-Kollektivs C2C (auch als Coups2Cross bekannt), mit welchem er mehrfach hochdekorierte Musikpreise abstaubte. Seine Solo-Karriere startete er mit seinen beiden EPs „Motifs“ und „Motifs II“ – wobei die erste EP niemand Geringeren als Oddisee und die zweite Fashawn als Feature-Gäste beherbergt. Neben vielen musikalischen Projekten ist er zurzeit zusammen mit Mr. J Medieros als AlltA mit ihrem neuen Werk „The Upper Hand“ unterwegs. Sein Künstlername ergibt sich übrigens aus den umgedrehten Silben seines Vornamens – 20 auf französisch „vingt“.

Just For The Record with 20syl:

Top 5 Albums/Songs (now): 20syl: The last Kendrick album … Let me check. It’s always the same, people ask you for names and you can’t think of them. So, Goldlink is pretty cool, the last Oddisee record was very cool, The Knife is very cool, Moses Sumney! Your all-time favorite albums? Common – „Like Water For Chocolate“ Stevie Wonder – „Inner Visions“ D#Angelo – „Voodoo“ Gang Starr – „Moment Of Truth“ … and the whole Tribe Called Quest discography. Favorite producers? DJ Premier has been the most inspiring producer for me. Pete Rock K Tha Producer

Kaytranada, what he’s doing on his new album is not my favorite work but the beat tape he just released on soundcloud is just amazing.

20syl (c)M.Nachtschatt-9297
Mr. J. Medeiros X 20syl = AllttA

Favorite DJ’s? The best scratchers: DJ Netik, D-Styles, Qbert, Rafik, DJ Tigerstyle Favorite vers in a song? I’m gonna pick French, Akhenaton from IAM on the Album „Métèque et Mat“ and „Je suis peut être“. That’s probably my favorite French verse. Favorite verse over a beat of yours?

Probably on the album we just released, with Alltta. That would be „Connery“ I think and I like the final of „Turn Around“.

Your first bought vinyl? Les Sages Poètes de la Rue – Qu’est-ce qui fait marcher les sages? Favorite vinyl cover?

It’s not the music I listen to but the album cover is just amazing, it’s by a graphic crew called La Boca for the Album „The Resistance“ by Muse. I love the artwork!

First sample?

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When I got my first sampler, I used to sample the Simpsons because I didn’t have a big vinyl collection, I just had some from my parents. So I recorded the Simpson episodes on tape and sampled all the musical things in the episodes. The sound effects and everything. I actually have a lot of beats with the Simpsons but they are on floppy discs so I am not sure if I can still read them.

Your favorite vinyl store?

It was in Nantes, it’s called Oneness Records, I used to go there every day.

Favorite beat that comes to your head right now? Nas – Represent (by DJ Premier) You produce with? I produce with Logic Pro, real Instruments and sometimes with a MPC – but mostly Logic. 20syl (c)M.Nachtschatt-9297

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