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Just For The Record #42: Mr. Green

Just For The Record #42: Mr. Green

mr. green

Mr. Green wird zu den legendären Produzenten der alten Schule gezählt. Ob für Snoop Dogg, Sean Price oder Talib Kweli Mr. Green ist ein König des Samplings und produziert immer noch wie früher – in seinem kleinen Zimmer-Küche-Keyboard-Apartment in Brooklyn. In seiner Online-Serie „Live From The Streets“ samplet Mr. Green Sounds von der Straße und baut sie zu Beats. Ein extrem gutes Format in Eigenregie und mithilfe von Vice. Sein erstes Mal in Wien durfte er mit R.A. The Rugged Man und seinem Protegé AFRO erleben und diese Chance haben wir für eine kleine Fragerunde gebraucht. Bilder vom Abend gibt es hier. Just For The Record mit Mr. Green:

Top 5 Albums/Songs (now):
Mr Green: I hate that question, you know. But still Dj Premier, The Alchemist, RZA, Prince Paul. But they are also all time classics. I listen to their shit, how they sample and it inspires me. It makes me feel like I wanna be as good as them. J Dilla is also a huge inspiration. But I also listen to some Trap music sometimes, I made a few Trap beats and people liked them. I love the music from when I was a kid, when I was ten years old watching skate videos. I always gonna love that shit.

Favorite djs:
I love DJ Roc Raida. Jazzy Jeff is my favorite to watch and Dj Noise is also dope. A-Trak is actually still dope but I prefer to watch his old shit. I originally just wanted to dj and than I started making beats to scratch to and that’s how I end up being a producer. People start rapping on my beats and I am here now.

Favorite vers in a song on one of your beats:
I like to fuck around and hang in the streets and then go home and try to make the bangingest beats„. I said it. I rapped only on one song. It describes my process.

First bought vinyl:
Ol‘ Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya

I had around four copies of that over the years. My friends have them and I thought it were mine and I took it home. Oh shit, I stole my friends ODB. I love it, you can get so busy on that record. Even if I am not prepared at all I can do a little mix with that. I know that record since I was 15 or something.

Favorite vinyl cover:
Geto Boys – We Can’t Be Stopped

I am in to music with a story. That’s why I do my show “Live On The Streets” – because every song has a story. And that album cover has a crazy story. You can just look at the cover and talk for two hours. It’s kinda negative but for me it’s perfect.

geto boys

My first sample:
Might have been “The Final Countdown” – a really funny 80ies Metal beat. I used to play it for people in my car and they were like “oh shit!”. But was just a loop and a few drums.

Favorite vinyl store:
I blew up the spot. Because I now this spot in New York “Greenvillage Junkshop”. It’s a Sillicon thrift shop, if you go way in the back there they sell records and than I did the “Rhythm Roulette” Show for Mass Appeal. But now it’s blown – I see Erick Sermon digging there.

What did you get at the “Rhythm Roulette”?
Barbara Streisand, Dr. Zhiwago and Heny Mancini – I really got luck. s/o to Mass Appeal and Nas for doing that. But I wanna do a second one.

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Favorite beat:
That one Premier Beat from the 8 Mile Sountrack. I talked with AFRO about that and that’s one of my current favorites.

Favorite beat (from yourself):
Probably some new shit, that no one heard yet. But I think for now it’s “If I Don’t Go To Hell” with Janice and Jus Allah.

Most hated Scratch:
I don’t like it when it’s too complicated. Music suppose to nod your head, on my opinion. When people scratch to much and you can’t even nod your head to – it’s the same with Jazz, if it gets to complicated it’s not my thing.

I produce with:
Right now I use Machine. When I started, I used Frooty Loops. I used that for design in malice and that Snoop Dogg song but than on some point it feels like klicking on the mouse too much. Than I picked up the Machine by Native Instruments – that’s my favorite. I should use whatever you feel comfortable with, because there are twenty different ways to do it.

(Text by edHardygirl14 / Foto by Gregor Krassnig)