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Just For The Record #46: Tk Kayembe

Just For The Record #46: Tk Kayembe

by Alex Gotter
by Alexander Gotter

Tk Kayembe ist Teil des TeamSupreme, dem Produzenten wie Djemba Djemba oder Mr. Carmack angehören. Nach Releases mit King Henry und Two Fresh ergab sich ein Twitter-Kontakt mit der New Yorker Rap-Queen Angel Haze. Das klassische „Ich-schicke-dir-ein-paar-Beats“-Geplänkel brachte den Hit „Werkin‘ Girl“ mit sich. „I found her online. I came across her music in 2012 and than we started tweeting and I sent her some beats including “Werkin’ Girls”“, beschreibt Tk die Verbindung. Auch auf Angels Debüt-Album „Dirty Gold“ ist er als auf „White Lilies/White Lies“ vertreten. Die Zusammenarbeit und Freundschaft der beiden gipfelte letztes Jahr in Angels „Back To The Woods„, das vollständig von Tk Kayembe produziert wurde.

Just For The Record mit Tk Kayembe

Favorite artists right now?
Young Thug
Anderson .Paak
A$AP Rocky
Vince Staples
Bryson Tiller
Kamasi Washington

All-time favorites?
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
Herbie Hancock
Wayne Shorter

Favorite producers right now?
Djemba Djemba
Mr. Carmack
London On Da Track
Metro Boomin

Favorite DJs?
Back to the Supreme Cats – Mr. Carmack and Djemba Djemba

Your favorite vers on one of your own beats?
Probably some new shit that isn’t released yet – but it’s some Angel Haze shit.

Favorite beat from yourself?
I am really proud of the whole “Back To The Woods” because it was the first record I set down with an artist – we wrote all the songs together.

First bought album?
Mark Whitfield and to be honest, I remember some Kenny G shit.

Favorite cover art?

Michael Jackson – Dangerous

First sample you used?
I think some Eddie James stuff. No, wait, it was Nina Simone!

Favorite record store?
In LA, Artform Records, Adrian Younges record store. He is also one of my favorite producers and writers. I really love the “Something About April” is one of my favorites.

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